Telkom Indonesia

Telkom Indonesia is the largest telecommunication services company in Indonesia. Its major businesses is in fixed line telephony, internet, and data communications, also as parent company of the Telkom Group, which is engaged in a broad range of businesses from telecommunication field, multimedia, property, to finance services.

What problem was Telkom Indonesia faced?

Telkom was having Sula Island District Government as their client when they contacted us for the first time. Telkom had planned to re-design Sula Island District Government’s website, because it was having a lot of troubles, therefore the website was not performed well.

These were its issues :

  • The website didn’t have responsive design
  • The front-end design was complicated and not user-friendly
  • There were errors on the back-end every time they were updating contents
  • The website had been frequently attacked by hackers.

What was our strategy for Telkom Indonesia?

Based on the issues that Telkom Indonesia and Sula Island District Government were having, we came up with these solutions :

  • Fully redesigned the front-end of Sula Island District Government’s website.
  • Made some modifications on functions and back-end’s appearance of the website.

Our planned strategies have had through the analysis process, so the cost would’ve been more efficient.

How did we implemented our strategy?

We designed the home of Sula Islands District Government’s website by benchmarked and surveyed the other similar websites (government institution websites) first.

We had put important and useful features on the home page of the Sula Islands District Government’s website, like :

  • Latest News
  • Vision and Mission
  • Sula Island District Government’s Contact Person
  • Sula Island District Government’s LPSE.

We had implemented more modern design too on Sula Island District Government’s website by given colors gradation and improved its footer design.

On the back-end page, we had designed a back-end system that easy to use by Sula Island District Government’s staff. With a more user friendly look, the performance of the Sula Island District Government’s staff in managing the website would’ve been improved and more efficient by now.

We had also improved the website’s level of security by providing a better system on its server, so the frequency of Sula Island Distric Government’s website is being attacked by hackers will be reduced from the previous average of three times per month to 0 per month.

What was the result?


Sula Island District Goverment website’s visitors increased to 233%.


The speed of Sula Island District Governement website content updates increased to 430%.


The Sula Island District Government website’s loading speed increased to 120%.

The website’s frequency of being attacked
by hackers reduced to 0 per month.

The website now appears on Google’s
search result page.