RDNB is an online store, selling handmade accessories such as bracelets and necklaces. Before they came to us, RDNB had been using Instagram and Line as their media sales.

What problem was RDNB faced?

As RDNB customers had grown, and many of them had been doing repeat orders from time to time. But there were some problems with its business, such as :

  • RDNB wanted to make every payment automatically verified
  • RDNB had difficulties in a way to manage their customers’ data
  • RDNB had to make new catalogues every time there was product sold out or new products
  • RDNB customers had difficulties to find the product they wanted through Instagram
  • RDNB had to hire additional customer service to handle orders, questions, and complaints

RDNB was needing no help on how to start a business. RDNB needed a way to maintain, and level up its business. Especially, when it came to handle its huge numbers of sale.

What was our strategy for RDNB?

We told RDNB it was the time for them to have an e-commerce website, because the website would became their investments. If they didn’t make a quick response to solve this probem, RDNB would face more troubles in the future. We gave them help to make an e-commerce website with included system as below :

  • Products catalogue
  • Payment system
  • Shipping tracking
  • Live chat
  • and other helpful features

How did we implemented our strategy?

We used Magento as the website platform and Midtrans as our partner to create the payment system. We chose these options because both of these alternatives were easy to use, security guaranteed, and had quick process in development. Moreover, we had also added some other features to support customers loyalty, such as discounts, coupon vouchers, product returns, and customer complaints.

What was the result?

On its first day launched, RDNB website had already 100 users registered.


Hereafter, RDNB’s
employee cost decreased down to 30%.


Meanwhile employee cost had been dereasing, RDNB’s profit increased up to 40%.