Meet Onecall

Onecall is a support tool for Telkom IndiHome sales agent, based on mobile apps that can reduce the number of calls to the customers by the officers. This app helps Telkom IndiHome to satisfy their clients in early phase.

What problem was Onecall faced?

The day when Onecall came to us was the day when they were asking for a help in an usual issue often faced by start-up companies, which was created a brand identity. Onecall only had been using a logo to represent their company, and they thought the logo was not in accordance with the philosophy and the purposes of the company.

What was our strategy for Onecall?

Based on the problems, and the objectives were to be achieved by Onecall, we designed a brand identity in order to create a better medium to convey the philosophy and the purposes of Onecall, so their brand would be more quickly understood by the customer. We helped them in :

  • Re-designed the logo
  • Created a company profile website
  • Created an animated tutorial video on how to use Onecall’s product
  • Created an animated company profile video

With the help we had provided, it was hoped Onecall could do various marketing strategies in the future.

How did we implemented our strategy?

Logo Re-design

When we aggred to help Onecall, we had planned to make responsive logos. We took this option because Onecall have mobile app as their product, and in the next step they would use a lot of marketing medias (like website, social medias, and others) to promote their product. By having responsive logos, Onecall would able to deliver the brand’s messages on every different medium.

Animated Video

We had also created two animated videos for the product’s tutorial and company profile. We used animations to make them more appealing and more efficient. By used animation, we could reduced the production costs and Onecall would get the best price.

There was another reason too; the time of the application to be launched were close, so we needed to spend more efficient time in production phase.

Here, you can watch the videos below.

Company Profile Website

In addition to logos, we had also created a website for Onecall as a medium to convey all the information about their company.On the website, Onecall’s potential customers would see its philosophy, then its product, goals, testimonials, and so contacts are displayed.

We used Landing Page Website (One Page Website) as the basic design for Onecall’s website. This was because its product is an application, the website will only used to display information. Efficiency, effective, and simple were our guidelines in created Onecall’s website.

You can visit Onecall’s website here.

What was the result?

The project was launched on time

Customer’s satisfaction was 5 stars ot of 5