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Nesh Aesthetic Naya Project Case Study

Meet Nesh Aesthetic

Nesh Aesthetic is a beauty clinic based in Bali, Indonesia. It has a branding message that no one can be beautiful or has whiten skin instantly, there is a long process for someone to have a beautiful face and whiten skin.

What problem was Nesh faced?

According to Nesh, a person must have healthy face first, before going through a long process, then he/she can have a beautiful face or whiten skin.

Based on Nesh’s experiences, the message will only come to the mind of consumers, if the consumers have done any treatment and consultation with Nesh. For people who haven’t been treated and consulted with Nesh before, they usually want instant results to be beautiful.

In conclusion, Nesh wanted people to understand that a person’s face can’t be beautiful or white instantly, a person must have healthy face first.

What was our strategy for Nesh?

Based on the problems Nesh had brought to us, we came up with an idea to create a brand activation campaign in the form of social media Instagram. The campaign’s purpose was to increase public awareness to the issues of Nesh experienced, so people would believed Nesh and do repeat orders.

Our digital campaign was to provide free facial treatment, with expectations

  • To make brand switching from other brand to Nesh Aesthetic.
  • To attract new customers in order to try facial treatment by Nesh Aesthetic.
  • To make the value messages of Nesh Aesthetic delivered to the customers’ mind.
  • To make the old customers stayed loyal to Nesh Aesthetic

How did we implemented our strategy?

By used AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire & Action) theory, we made a post on Instagram feed and story to spread the information of free facial treatment by Nesh Aesthetic. The post was made in the form of short video, encouraged people to take care their face skin after holiday season in Indonesia.

Moreover, we had also involved beauty influencers to spread the information of this campaign. These beauty influencers had huge numbers of followers on Instagram, which would help people believed Nesh’s credibility.

This implementation ran as planned by referred to the KPI’s which we had set before execution.

What was the result?


Nesh Aesthetic Instagram profile visitors increased to 120%


Nesh Aesthetic Instagram profile engagement increased to 547%


Repeat Order for Nesh Aesthetic’s product is on 70%

Nesh Aesthetic Naya Project Results

From the results above,
Nesh had succeeded to seek attention and had made brand switching.
This was big investments for Nesh, because in the long term Nesh would get advantage from the
repeat orders by customers.